Top 10 Emerging CROs - 2021

Emerging CROs - 2021

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  • CL Laboratory

    CL Laboratory specializes in in-vivo cardiovascular models utilized to advance research at the pre-clinical stage

    Dr. Zheqing Cai, CEO and Founder

  • iQ Biosciences

    iQ Biosciences is an immunology focused CRO, which supports the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as academics, in the development of various immune therapies, such as antibodies, small molecules, or CART’s

    We see ourselves as a ‘Partner Research Organization’ providing strategic scientific guidance and going the distance with our clients,rather than the typical transactional only focused Contract Research Organization

    Christopher Ng, CEO

    Berkeley, CA
  • The MT Group

    The MT Group collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to collect difficult to access biospecimens and deep clinical metadata, which together drive impactful clinical and scientific discoveries

    Collaboration on study design ensures the right patients and right biologics are collected in the right way to achieve translational research goals

    Dr. Thomas Moss, Founder & Chief Medical Officer

    .Van Nuys, CA
  • Alphalyse

    As a global specialist in protein analysis, Alphalyse is dedicated to supporting research, manufacturing and clinical development of natural and recombinant proteins

  • Biomodels

    Biomodels is an AAALAC accredited preclinical contract research organization that develops and executes predictive and highly translational efficacy studies for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies

  • DC3 Therapeutics

    A full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering fast, accurate and reliable drug development support

  • Embryotech Laboratories

    Embryotech Laboratories provides services to the assisted reproductive technologies industry and laboratories, providing the latest quality control assays

  • Explora BioLabs

    Explora BioLabs is an AAALAC-accredited provider of preclinical vivarium solutions for clients of all sizes, in all stages of development

  • MDC Associates

    For over 30 years MDC has helped innovators and entrepreneurs bring In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Medical Devices to market that impact the lives of millions of A full service global contract research organization providing a broad range of product patients around the world, every year

  • QTest Labs

    QTest Labs is a CRO that specializes in efficacy, cardiovascular safety, and risk assessment of a pharmaceutical or medical device